Stand Up EP

by Empty Lungs

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Self-released in association with Quarantine Collective, digitally 16th February 2013 and physically 23rd February 2013.

Engineered, mixed and mastered by Rocky O'Reilly at Start Together Studios, Belfast.
Produced by Empty Lungs and Rocky O'Reilly.

Keys and organ on tracks 5 and 6 by Stephen Faherty.

Additional vocals on track 5 by Robyn G. Shiels and Steve Toner.

All songs Copyright Empty Lungs.


released February 16, 2013



all rights reserved


Empty Lungs Belfast, UK

Empty Lungs play passionate, angry and catchy music that draws influence from punk, post-hardcore, indie rock and folk.

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Track Name: Running In Circles
Running In Circles
Shot down, once again
For trying to bring a little progression
Shut your mouth, open your mind
Embrace a change every once in a while

We need to breathe some new life
In this old dog

We could nearly have it all
It could be so beautiful
Instead we’re running around in circles
Seen it before, yea I know how this one goes
And it goes a little like this:
A stale and ignorant bliss


If we don’t mend our ways
I don’t want a part of it
If we don’t mend our ways
I don’t want a part of it
Move forwards not backwards
Track Name: Until The Day We Die
Until The Day We Die

Stop your dreaming
Keep your feet on the ground
Well that’s not living
Just towing the line
Never making a sound

This is our life
And as we reach for the sky
We’ll be tryin to make a dent til the day we die
Our hope lies in our will to try
This fight can’t be lost as long as hopes alive

I think we owe it to you now
To try and turn this world upside down
You’re still within us, yea you’re deep inside
Screamin: Don’t mourn, organise!
Track Name: Nothing Left To Lose
Nothing Left To Lose

When you’re scraping the bottom of the barrel
And this, and this life seems to suffocate your soul
If you feel like the road is getting narrow
Get out! Turn it up! And just let it go

Speak your mind
Yea cut loose
Close your eyes and sing like you got nothing left to lose

I’m aware that it’s far from perfect
And yea nothing's ever just quite what it seems
What it seems
But if you take it with a fistful of salt yea
Leave your baggage at the bar, you can get a release
It’s what you need

Speak your mind, yea cut loose
You got nothing left you got nothing left to lose.
Track Name: Long Road Home
You worked you fingers to the bone
A constant struggle to keep out of the cold
They’re cutting you loose now you’re out on your own
You’re lost in the darkness, It’s gona be a long road home

They left you out to rot
Where is your happy ending?

You got a new place to call home
Sleeping in a concrete hell
Beneath the city streets paved with someone elses gold
And it’s wearing you thin, yea its taking its toll
Desperation flows around you it’s drowning your soul
You built a dam to keep it out
But it looks like those levy's, they aint gona hold
They aint gona hold, They aint gona hold

They left you out to rot
There aint no happy ending

They aint gona hold, They aint gona hold
Track Name: Release The Lifeboats
These words, they spill out of me like blood
I cannot help but observe we’re being engulfed in a flood
We’re drowning in these waters the tide is rising oh so fast
Can someone please release the lifeboats
Don’t worry we’ll leave the rich til last

Swimming against the current
The most tiresome of tasks
Well a little less like swimming
More of a panicked doggy paddle
And im not so sure we’ll make it
Maybe forever lost at sea
These are shark infested waters

Surrounded by their mating call
That greedy selfish shriek
Forever beckons us to join them
they don’t want us to succeed
Sometimes it even appeals to the defeatist inside me
But their words and empty promises are nothing but trickery


They’d love to sink their teeth in, drain every part of you that's real
But they’ll never get inside of me, this passions not for sale
No matter how the weather turns we’ll never feel the cold
Cos there’s a million others like us and we’re wrapped in the warmth of hope
Track Name: Stand Up
Another day, another lack of the dollar
And we’re feeling that old familiar pinch
Oh Mr Cameron won’t you please stop your hollerin’
You’ve no concept how it is to live like this

Stand up, If your pissed off and broke
And you feel like you’re just about ready to explode
Stand up, scream out until you choke
Stand up, If your pissed off and broke
And you feel like you’re just about ready to explode
Stand up, Stand up, Stand up!

Another day, another lack of the dollar
And we’re feeling that old familiar pinch
Dear Mr. Banker id just, Id just like to thank ya
For tossing us the crumbs, this trickle down has really hit the spot.